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Erotic slang words from Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, and other English-speaking nations number well into the tens of thousands. But the history of terms used to describe the sexual activities of gays and lesbians have opposing sources: one, the discreet networks of gay men and lesbians who sought to come up with a new terminology for the pleasures of their secret lives; and the other, those who found gay sexuality repellent, and created phrases that denigrated and insulted its proponents.

The result? A coded language, for better or worse, that celebrates sexuality in all its queerness. Peterkin shows how euphemism, camp humor, rhyme, acronym, and secret code have all been recruited imaginatively by gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals to name what was thought to be unnamable. Peterkin is a Toronto psychiatrist and journalist. Abigail Garner was five years old when her parents divorced and her dad came out as gay. Like the millions of children growing up in these families today, she often found herself in the middle of the political and moral debates surrounding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT parenting.

Drawing on a decade of community organizing, and interviews with more than fifty grown sons and daughters of LGBT parents, Garner addresses such topics as coming out to children, facing homophobia at school, co-parenting with ex-partners, the impact of AIDS, and the children's own sexuality. Both practical and deeply personal, Families Like Mine provides an invaluable insider's perspective for LGBT parents, their families, and their allies.

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Seller Inventory LIE Book Description: Spinifex Press, Australia, Marou Izumo and Claire Maree met at a bar in Tokyo. Separated by seventeen years difference in age, by their cultural origins, and by the requirements of visas, they have managed to maintain their relationship through these vicissitudes.

Autobiography, duobiography, love story, cross-cultural reflections, lesbian history -- this book is all of these things and more. It looks at different perceptions and attitudes towards lesbians in Japan and Australia. After committing credit card fraud at a local department store, year-old Reginald Hall lands an eight-month sentence at the Delaware County Prison.

What complicates his life as an inmate is his sexual orientation.

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In life, being gay is difficult enough; in prison, it can be a horrendous ordeal. Attempting suicide, taking drugs, and having illicit sex were only some of the self-destructive behaviors Reginald dabbled in. His only sanity came from family visits and frequent phone calls to relatives, especially his mother, his reaching out to God, and his few genuine friendships formed in jail, particularly with Lamont.

This is not to say Reginald was an angel during his stay at DCP. He had plenty of jailhouse crushes, some of them inappropriate - like his infatuation with Teddy Cunningham. Teddy had it all: looks, money, respect, and a big love muscle that Reginald just lusted for. Gay life and culture in Minnesota at the wake of World War II is brilliantly chronicled in this vivid, intimate, and sometimes shocking memoir by a lifelong journalist. Social Science. Fans of Jerry Apps will delight in his latest novel, Blue Shadows Farm, which follows the intriguing family story of three generations on a Wisconsin farm.

Silas Starkweather, a Civil War veteran, is drawn to Wisconsin and homesteads acres in Ames County, where he is known as the mysterious farmer forever digging holes. After years of hardship and toil, however, Silas develops a commitment to farming his land and respect for his new community. When Silas s son Abe inherits Blue Shadows Farm he chooses to keep the land out of reluctant necessity, distilling and distributing purified corn water throughout Prohibition and the Great Depression in order to stay solvent.

Abe s daughter, Emma, willingly takes over the farm after her mother s death.

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Emma s love for this place inspires her to open the farm to school-children and families who share her respect for it. As she considers selling the land, Emma is confronted with a difficult question who, through thick and thin, will care for Blue Shadows Farm as her family has done for over a century? In the midst of a controversy that disrupts the entire community, Emma looks into her family s past to help her make crucial decisions about the future of its land.

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Through the story of the Starkweather family s changing fortunes, and each generation s very different relationship with the farm and the land, Blue Shadows Farm is in some ways the narrative of all farmers and the increasingly difficult challenges they face as committed stewards of the land. Based on the author's life as a gay man and a poet, King of Shadows is a collection of twenty-one autobiographical essays that circle in and around San Francisco since the s.

If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?: Ten Strategies That Will Change Your Love Life Forever

The three longest pieces deal with Aaron Shurin's coming into poetry and gay identity via a high school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, his deep relationships with poets Denise Levertov and Robert Duncan, and his personal history of venturing into San Francisco gay bars, starting in and ending just before Stonewall. Born in , Natalie Barney-beautiful, charismatic, brilliant and wealthy-was expected to marry well and lead the conventional life of a privileged society woman. But Natalie had no interest in marriage and made no secret of the fact that she was attracted to women.

Brought up by a talented and rebellious mother-the painter Alice Barney-Natalie cultivated an interest in poetry and the arts. When she moved to Paris in the early s, she plunged into the city's literary scene, opening a famed Left Bank literary salon and engaging in a string of scandalous affairs with courtesan Liane de Pougy, poet Renee Vivien, and painter Romaine Brooks, among others. For the rest of her long and controversial life Natalie Barney was revered by writers for her generous, eccentric spirit and reviled by high society for her sexual appetite.

In the end, she served as an inspiration and came to know many of the greatest names of 20th century arts and letters-including Proust, Colette, Edna St. A dazzling literary biography, Wild Heart: A Life is a story of a woman who has been an icon to many. Evocative of Patrick Califia-Rice and Kate Bornstein, this frank and personal collection of essays explores the politics of gender, identity, race, and queer sex imbued with the author's own experiences.

Terry Goldie delves into subjects that are both varied and explicit, including drag queens, feminism, cross-cultural sex, and the homosexual child, all with a perceptive and provocative eye, the result of which expands and deepens our understanding of the parameters and ramifi cations of queer sexuality, in all its forms. Terry Goldie is the author of three previous books and is an English professor at York University in Toronto. Taking you from the wedding announcement to the thank you notes, this is the ultimate guide to same-sex ceremonies. Let help you and your partner plan a ceremony that suits your taste and budget without losing your mind in the process.

The absolute authority for same-sex unions on the web, K.

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Paris in Love. Eloisa James.

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